Vertebrate pests and diseases references

Candidate Organisms
Differential Distribution (i.e. present on the mainland and not Torres Strait, present in PNG and not Torres Strait or limited distribution across Torres Strait islands (TSI))
National Significance / Comments / References

Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus)

Present on some TSI but absent from mainland.

Very high level of concern from many agencies including Queensland Health's Tropical Public Health Unit.

Rabies virus / Rabies lyssavirus / Classical rabies virus serotype/genotype 1 (Genus Lyssavirus)

Absent from mainland and TSI. Present in SE Asia and moving eastwards.

Prohibited matter in Queensland

NAQS target

Cane toads (Rhinella marina)

Present on mainland Australia, PNG and some southern TSI but absent on outer islands.

Abundant through current range. Highly important species for local community.

Japanese Encephalitis

JE occurs in many parts of Southeast Asia and China, and in recent years the disease has extended beyond its traditional boundaries with occasional cases in eastern Indonesia, occasional outbreaks in the Torres Strait and one case in north Queensland

Verios serious disease of high local significance and sensitivity (Queensland Health)

Feral mammals including rats, cats, dogs, pigs and horses.

Present on mainland and differently distributed across TSI.

Feral animals in Australia (Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment)

Old-world screw worm fly (Chrysomya bezziana)

Present in PNG. Absent from mainland and TSI.

NAQS target

Screw-worm fly is a notifiable disease (Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries)

Nipah virus

Absent from mainland and TSI. Surveys throughout South East Asia and Papua New Guinea have been shown to have antibodies to Nipah

Nipah virus (OIE)

NAQS target list - Nipah virus

Zika virus

Not present in any part of Australia

Zika factsheet (Australian Department of Health)

Foot and mouth disease

Not present in any part of Australia

While widely acknowledged as one of the biggest biosecurity concerns in the world, is FMD of specific relevance to this pathway?

African Swine Fever

Not present in any part of Australia

African swine fever (OIE)

African swine fever (Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment)

E. canis (ehrlichiosis)

Present in WA and NT

E. canis is more prevalent in tropical and subtropical areas in India, Asia, Central and South America and Africa
Outbreak - ehrlichiosis-dogs

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