• Team member, Mr Brent Finlay
    Mr Brent Finlay

    Brent Finlay has 40 years’ experience in the agricultural sector. He runs a sheep and cattle property called Cooinda in the Traprock region of South East Queensland. Brent is also the Managing Director of Finlay Agricultural Industries, which provides specialist strategic advice to both existing and emerging enterprises across the agricultural sector. His business interests include developing the next generation of agricultural products and travelling to developing countries.

    Brent spent 10 years working in agricultural industry representative roles, representing Australian farmers as the President of the National Farmers’ Federation for three years where he chaired the NFF’s Drought Committee, as well as a term as the President of AgForce Queensland. He was elected to the board of the World Farm Organisation based in Rome, where he represented the Oceania region. Key issues negotiated while Brent was in these roles include trade agreements with China, Japan, Korea and the Trans Pacific Partnership, drought packages, backpacker tax and responses to natural disasters. Recently Brent has been the independent chair of the Emu Swamp Dam Detailed Business Case, now known as Granite Belt Water, which proposes the development of an irrigation project for the Granite Belt’s high value horticulture.

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  • Team member, Professor Bronwyn Harch
    Professor Bronwyn Harch
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