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New mobile app to improve data quality to better manage biosecurity risk

11 months ago

Image: Mobile passport reader application in action at Canberra Airport

Article written by Compliance Division

The Department of Agriculture is preparing to roll out a new mobile app that will advance information on arriving international air travellers, improving data quality to then better manage biosecurity risk.

The Mobile Passport Reader (MPR) app will better inform the department’s approach to managing biosecurity risk by capturing entity level data at all points of intervention at Australia’s international ports.

Stephanie Quispes Garay, Director of the Travellers section in the department’s Compliance Division, said the app will allow for the electronic and seamless collection of improved data with minimal impact on travellers.

‘Traveller volumes at Australia’s international airports are projected to increase 5% annually over the next decade to 32 million travellers by 2027,’ Stephanie Quispes Garay said.

‘This growth, and opening of new flight routes introduces greater levels of uncertainty and increased biosecurity risks.’

This presents significant challenges for the department to effectively manage biosecurity risks associated with incoming travellers.

The MPR will provide richer data stores, and enable the department to focus efforts toward travellers who are likely to be bringing in undeclared high-risk biosecurity material coming into Australia. In turn, travellers doing the right thing will experience less touchpoints for the purpose of biosecurity clearance.

We are always working to improve biosecurity risk management while also managing the experience of people travelling to Australia. This app will make biosecurity border clearance processes easier for those who do the right thing.
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